DGS-3630-28SC – D-Link Core Switches

D-Link 20 Gigabit SFP optical ports + 4 Gigabit optical multiplexing ports + 4 10 Gigabit SFP+ optical ports, switching capacity: 598G/5.98Tbps, packet forwarding rate: 222Mpps, three-layer network management switch, support stacking, support SRM, Support network virtualization, support ERPS, VRRP, dynamic routing, etc.
Available in Qatar


DGS-3630-28SC – D-Link Core Switches. 20 x SFP ports. 4 x Combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP ports. 4 x 10G SFP+ ports. 6 kV surge protection on all RJ-45 access ports. Switch Resource Management (SRM) for flexible management of system resources. Redundant Power Supply (RPS) support. MPLS L2VPM/L3 VPN support. Full L3 routing protocol support including OSPF, BGP, and ISIS for IPv4/IPv6. SDN-enabled switch, compatible with Openflow 1.3.
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